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EPIK, UNIK Robot start up through Online !

Since Covid-19 pandemic, are you worry about service engineer visit to your place to start up the robot ? Don't worry, HYRobotics can support customers for EPIK, UNIK series Robot (HYK70-Keba controller) through online for start up and training. EPIK, UNIK series robot controller can connect through Ethernet with computer and can share the screen with customer's computer. This will allow us better understanding about how to set up EPIK, UNIK Robot. With our demo unit or for the robot in your plant, we can go over together about all controller information. ( Screen information, programming, Input, Output, Timer, communication with molding machine, how to set up new mold , step by step, Full Auto and also line by line programming )

Also Would like to review about Robot before making decision ? HYRobotics can offer free 2 hr complimentary personal training for EPIK, UNIK with online meeting. We can go over screen, make new mold file, select function, set up position, step, cycle, and also go over line by line programming if customer need to do Secondary automation.

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