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* New UI version with EPIK, UNIK Series Robots

Provides simplified motion control for sophisticated injection molding automation using a full-color touch screen, servo jog button, and step-by-step motion control playback. New technology allows easy automation & minimizes your set up time, thus maximizing profits.


Standard Features

  • New User Interface v.3 design with icon based touch screen.

  • Developed specifically for the molding industry by automation engineer with years of experience in the field

  • Programming requires no previous knowledge with Mode-Selection Method

  • Expandable/unlimited step capabilities

  • Mold take-out routine is simplified by teaching the robot via easy menu-driven programming

  • Complex parts stacking, palletized insert-loading, and post-process operations are easily accomplished

  • Input/output & logic circuits allow easy integration with other equipment

  • Input/output signal display LED style icons on the Touch Screen for easy maintenance

  • Minimal floor space required - stand pendant may be replaced with beam-mounted switches & hanger

  • Conveyor/secondary equipment start signal

  • Defective product-rejecting circuit


Available Languages Include English, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Russian. Total 11 different languages available


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