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* Standard with VECT, MAX, MACH-II, MACH, HIT, TOP-IV, TWIN-TOP Series Robots


The HYNC-200 provides simplified motion control for sophisticated injection-molding automation using a soft-button keypad with an LCD Screen. Each Mode Selection Step will easily allow for the take-out automation of molded parts and minimizes your set up time, thus maximizing your profit.


Standard Features

  • Palm Style handheld control pendant with soft keypad and LCD Screen

  • Features Magnetic Back Plate to reduce drops or damages

  • Developed specifically for the molding industry by automation engineers with years of experience in the field

  • Programming requires no special skills or knowledge with mode selection procedures or saved motion pattern in the control

  • Manual, Step-by-Step, and Auto operations (1 Hour Training Course)

  • Mold take-out Routine is made by mode selection method in Programming

  • Individual Timer is set up for precise operation of the robot

  • LCD screen shows Counter, Input & Output signal, program steps, and timer control

  • Minimal floor space required - handy control pendant mounts to small spaces on molding machines with body-attached control box

  • Selectable sprue placement during outbound or return traverse motion

  • Selectable posture control at product extract side

  • Selectable fixed mold half or moving mold half product extraction

  • Conveyor or secondary equipment start signals

  • Defective product rejecting circuit

  • Servo Axis has a function for stacking on conveyors

  • Robot Ejector control can be selected for maximum productivity

  • Undercut feature installed inside of the mold to get away from the core

  • Vertical Swivel or External Nipper operation is possible with an optional mechanism

  • Mold Manager can save up to 99 new molds

  • Position with Servo Motor can be set with Jog Button

  • English Manual ensure all operation and maintenance

Available Languages Include English and Korean.


Controller Overview


  • Soft-Button Key Pad operates the Servo and Pneumatic Operations

  • Manual Operation Speed can be set up and managed


  • Take-Out Side: Nozzle, Clamp, Parts Drop: Conveyor or In-Mold

  • U-Style or L-Style Motion, etc.

  • Over 100 Program Selections to choose from with Mode Selection Method - including horizontal stacking

  • After selecting your mode, 1 step-by-1 step can be operated

  • One high-speed cycle without molding machine can be operated (the mold needs to be open with the safety door closed)


  • Pressing the "Auto" button will activate automatic operation between the sprue-picker and the molding machine

  • If/when the safety door is closed, the molding machine is in Auto mode, the mold closes and opens, then the robot arm will start moving

  • After recovering from an alarm, press Auto mode to go back to the Home Position to wait for the next command/program


  • The I.O. Screen will display whether each Input and Output is on or off

  • Sealed NSK Motion guide does not require grease for a long time

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