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Standard Features

  • Traverse Beam is a high strength, thick-walled, Aluminum tubing with precision machined surface provide maximum rigidity and durability with high precision robot position.

  • True AC Digital Brushless Servo Motor ensures each step of robot operation under precision and high speed for traverse Axis. AC digital servo amplifiers ensure precision location for each step.

  • Linear runner block bearings, fully enclosed on precision-machined rails provide high strength and precision operation of the robot.

  • Festo Actuator for 90 Deg Wrist Rotation for parts placement on conveyor or stacking machines.

  • Aluminum extruded profile descent arm for lightweight with high strength and Speed

  • Vacuum generator with sensing switch at the end of the robot arm, it is easy to reach and confirm sensing.

  • Pneumatic circuits for part and sprue grip.

  • Removable alignment pins, When used will positively locate the end of arm tool to the vertical arm

  • Custom Adapter Plate for IMM


What's Included

  • HYNC-200  Controller

  • Body Attached Control Box (Servo Amplifier, DC Power Volt Generator, Servo Control Board, Molding Machine Interface board, Main Control Board, Noise Filter, Etc.)

  • Custom-Engineered Adaptor Plate to fit molding machines

  • SPI Robot/IMM Electrical Interface: Euromap 12

  • One Vacuum circuit (*Sensor included)

  • One Gripper Circuit (*Monitoring Sensor input included)

  • One Pressure Circuit (*Monitoring Sensor input included)

  • One Printed Manual



ISO 9001 Certified


Additional Information

  • Descent Arm (Y-Axis): Pneumatic Operation, Telescopic

  • Aluminum Extrusion, Non-Telescopic, Festo Actuator, Belt

  • MACH-II series vertical motion operated by Festo Pneumatic Actuator with Double stage motion with NSK Linear Motion Guide. Precision location in every cycle where a high-speed take-out application is possible

  • High quality, strong shock absorber ensures long operation without interruption.

  • Traverse Stroke (Z-Axis): Digital AC Servo Operation

  • Steel Frame, Timing Belt Driven, Yaskawa Servo Motor / Drive, NSK LinearMotionGuide

  • Digital AC brushless servo motor with an optical encoder provides fast, smooth and accurate performance. Multiple traverse Axis Position can be allowed with servo operation. Also Horizontal Stacking, Gate cutting Automation can be realized with 2ndary Automation Equipment ( Option may need to apply ).

  • Kick Stroke (X-Axis): Pneumatic  Operation

  • Single Arm Support, Festo Actuator Drive, NSK Linear Motion Guide

  • Single crosswise support arm design slim design yet strong support.

  • 90 Deg Wrist Flip for flat placement of Parts (C-Axis): Pneumatic Drive (Festo Actuator)

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