"The difference between a successful operation and another is not a lack of knowledge, skill and strength

but rather in a lack of will , challenge and change. "

Automation Plastics, OH

"Working with HYRobotics has been a great experience from the beginning of our project.  Ellen did a great job getting me a quote almost immediately.  Sam then did a great job verifying the bolt pattern for the robot mount on the top of our KM molding machine, as well as finalizing some other details.  Shortly thereafter, the robot arrived and our maintenance team installed it with no problems.  Sam came a week later to do training on the controls, and shortly afterward we went into production.  We have increased production First Pass Yield almost 35%, which translates into an ROI of about 7mths.  We look forward to working with HYRobotics on any future automation projects.” 

Pro Plas Inc, MO

"Pro Plas Inc has worked with HY Robotics for the past several years.  HY Robotics has provided an excellent customer service along with a competitive product that performs beyond expectations.  Sam and Ellen are great to work with and look forward to working with them in the future." James Gosche Jr.

Molding Resource Inc, Denver CO

" Just wanted to say thank you again for the help in getting the TOPIV550XC installed. A very impressive robot.  I have been installing automation equipment for more years than I can remember, and this unit is tops! I’m really pleased with how everything is included, especially having a great selection of items for the EOAT. You cannot imagine how frustrating it is to try and install equipment when simple items are not at hand. Like not having the correct air fitting, because the one which is on the equipment does not match anything in the customer's shop, and only the male end is supplied." Walt Sanford

Foxboro, MO 

"I recently put 6 HYRobotics units online. I sampled HyRobotics and some other robot and chose the HYRobotics based on performance and service. They have both pick and place and servo units available. The units are very easy to both install and program. I have had each unit perform functions on several different applications and the transition was very smooth"

Westmed,  AZ

"Currently have Robots from HYRobotics. Very easy to setup program. The robots are cost effective and versatile." - Claudii. Sicoli

IMM forum, OR

"I ended up with a hyrobotics robots that's doing a great job of simple part removal for me right now. It's so much nicer than our late 90's other units"  - Mechman 

Tabor Plastics, MO

"We have a Hyrobotics unit on a 35 ton Nigata. It has worked very well." 

Eclipse, MI

"Just wanted to pass along my thanks as well, your excellent service made my job much easier, and the picker is running great! Thanks" -Andy

Forte Plastics, Kansas City MO

"Your robot installation went much smoother than I thought it would. The Hyrobotics robots has run continuously for almost 24 hours now.  We are very satisfied so far!"- Jack Miller 

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