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EPIK Series

Full-Servo Single & Double Telescopic Arm Robot

for 200-4000 Ton Applications

*Compatible with HYK-70 Controller

Standard Features

  • Traverse Beam - durable & dense steel tubing with a precision machined surface provides maximum longevity

  • True AC Digital Brushless Servo Motor ensures each step of robot operation is precise & high-speed

  • Independent AC Digital Servo Amplifiers ensure flexibility, simultaneous, and coordinated motion

  • NSK, THK Linear runner block bearings & fully-enclosed, precision-machined rails provide high strength & precision operation of the robot

  • Festo Actuator for 90 Deg Wrist Rotation for conveyor parts placement/stacking machines

  • Aluminum extruded profile descent arm for lightweight with strength & speed

  • Vacuum generator with sensing switch at the end of the robot arm  is easy to reach & confirm sensing

    Pneumatic vacuum & gripper circuits

    Removable alignment pins - will positively locate the end of arm tool to the vertical arm

  • Custom Adapter Plate for IMM


What's Included​​​​

  • HYK-70 Robot Controller   Click here for the details

  • Robot Mounted Control Box (Which contains, Servo Amplifier, DC Power Volt Generator, Servo Control Board, Molding Machine Interface Board, Main Control Board, Noise Filter, Etc.)

  • Custom Engineered Adaptor Plate to fit molding machines

  • SPI Robot/IMM Electrical Interface: Euromap 12

  • Two Vacuum circuits (Sensor Included)

  • One Gripper Circuit with Monitoring Sensor input

  • One Pressure Circuit with Monitoring Sensor input

  • One Printed Manual

Increased Payload

EPIK robots are better-suited to help achieve any heavyweight applications you may have.


Cut down on crucial cycle time with the help of the EPIK Take-Out Robots. 

ISO 9001 Certified

EPIK adhere to strict industry safety standards and are CE ISO 9001 Certified.

Industrial 4.0

Smart Manufacturing Technology increases Productivity, safety and quality.

Additional Information

  • Descent Arm (Y-Axis): Digital AC Servo Operation

  • Aluminum Extrusion, Non-Telescopic, Timing Belt Driven, AC Servo Motor/Drive, NSK Linear Guide

  • AC Digital Servo Motor with single stage vertical motion; AC brushless servo motor with optical encoder ensures accurate positioning & flexible part handling, such as part stacking & insert picking at the product release point

  • Traverse Stroke (Z-Axis): Digital AC Servo Operation

  • Steel Frame, Timing Belt Driven, AC Servo Motor / Drive, NSK LinearMotionGuide

  • Digital AC brushless servo motor with optical encoder provides fast, smooth, accurate performance; permits part placement into equipment such as floor-mounted de-gating systems, weigh scales, hot stamping presses, indexing along a conveyor

  • Kick Stroke (X-Axis): Digital AC Servo Operation

  • Double Arm Support, Timing Belt Driven, AC Servo Motor/Drive, NSK Linear Motion Guide

  • Double  crosswise support arm design realize strong support; Digital AC brushless servo motor with optical encoder ensures greater part handling versatility

  • 90 Deg Wrist Flip for flat placement of Parts (C-Axis): Pneumatic Drive (Festo Actuator) ​

EPIK Series / UNIK Series Installations