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Our newest robot series, the HCR Robots are full collaboration six-axis AC servo robots that can be used for assembly, packaging, and post-molding automation. The 12" full-color GUI touchscreen is intuitive and easy-to-use, even for total beginners.



HCR-5 is used in many different industries to solve a variety of challenges and improve upon existing applications to increase productivity. For examples of how HCR-5 can benefit your industry, follow the link below. 


HCR-5's applications are practically endless. Check the list below to explore how an HCR-5 Collaboration Robot could give you a boost in production times & efficiency. 

Not sure?

If  you aren't sure how HCR-5 will improve your applications, or if you don't see what you're looking for, have a quick chat with a member of our team. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Why a cobot?



Training and Maintenance 

Training Can Be Completed In Only One Day (or Less!)

HCR-5 operates with a tablet-style pendant that features ergonomic wrist support. It's as simple to use as your average smartphone. The teach pendant allows users to monitor the workflow intuitively through icons and on a timeline basis. HCR-5 supports real-time, on-screen 3-D monitoring & play-back of the programmed task, making it possible for new operators to view their completed program prior to deployment. Should they desire, operators can even move the robot manually with their hands to desired way-points and let the robot memorize the new movement. This direct teaching function makes it even easier for more inexperienced operators to order a job.

Modular Components Allow Simple Maintenance & Repairs

The spare parts of HCR-5 are all of modular design, so there is no need to call in an engineer. Repair the robot yourself throughout the product lifecycle and cut your operating expenses.



Programming and Operation

Altering Production Doesn't Require Program Alterations

HCR-5 is light-weight at only 20 Kg, easily re-deployable thanks to its simple programming, and without the need for a safety cage, it's also space-saving. Simply add or move the robot to/around your production line without having to make changes to its programming. In addition, the I/O module and EtherCAT socket are located at the tip of the robot body, allowing easy connection to various peripherals - such as a gripper, vision sensor, and/or suction to suit your diverse tasks.

Operate Two Cobots With A Single Controller

A single control box can operate two robots at the same time, reducing initial investment in controllers. Two robots use one teach pendant to be operated as two separate units.


Facilities and Staff 

Operators Remain Safe Working Directly with the Cobot

Hanwha Techwin's HCR-5 is set up with a virtual safety boundary that can be configured and customized according to the specific needs of your work environment. HCR-5 is programmed to automatically stop operation upon sensing the smallest shock, making it possible for the robot to work side-by-side with robotics operators without a safety fence. This helps you to avoid collisions in advance and to keep your business a safe workplace.

Leave the Dangerous Tasks to the Robot

Deploy HCR-5 for tasks with a high risk of burns or caught-in-between incidents - such as injection molding, press, and CNC. This will help to prevent serious accidental injuries during the operation, improving the work environment.



*The below specifications may be changed without prior notice. A risk factor assessment of the production environment is required before use.



*The below certifications may be changed without prior notice. A risk factor assessment of the production environment is required before use.

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